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“…approach reality as they would a giant chess board, always seeking strategies that have a high payoff, and always devisingcontingency plans in case of error or adversity.”

“…observer, values solitude, perfectionist, detached, private… does not talk about feelings, hard to impress, analytical, likes esoteric things…”

– Jung Type Descriptions (INTJ) (

“To outsiders, INTJs may appear to project an aura of “definiteness”, of self-confidence. This self-confidence, sometimes mistaken for simple arrogance by the less decisive, is actually of a very specific rather than a general nature; its source lies in the specialized knowledge systems that most INTJs start building at an early age. When it comes to their own areas of expertise — and INTJs can have several — they will be able to tell you almost immediately whether or not they can help you, and if so, how.”

– INTJ Profile (TypeLogic)
“At work, INTJs use their conceptual strengths to analyze situations and then develop models to understand and anticipate through relentlessly to reach their goals. They will continue on with their plans, even in the face of adversity and data that might suggest to other more practical types that their goals are no longer feasible. By nature, INTJs are independentindividualists.”

– INTJ – The Free-Thinker (Lifexplore)

“INTJs are natural leaders, although they usually choose to remain in the background until they see a real need to take over the lead. When they are in leadership roles, they are quite effective, because they are able to objectively see the reality of a situation, and are adaptable enough to change things which aren’t working well. They are the supreme strategists – always scanning available ideas and concepts and weighing them against their current strategy, to plan for every conceivable contingency. ”

– Portrait of an INTJ (The Personality Page)

Learn Singlish a Bit! :-)

Singlish or Singaporean English is a common daily spoken english in singapore, with a different colloquial and accent from commonly used native english language.

This language is pretty unique, and although it is based on english words but some of the vocabulary also mixed with another language such as Malay, Tamil and Hokkien, as it also represents the dynamic community in Singapore 🙂

Interestingly, some of the english words here also have slightly different meaning and use in Singlish.

Well, having opportunity to stay here, make me learnt some interesting vocabs which worthed to be shared (some of them refers to, so Enjoy this! 😉

  • “Can follow anot?” : follow here means come along or accompany instead of  come after in sequence
  • Having here : means same with “Eat In” in the standardized English
  • Blur like sotong: means extremely clueless
  • lightbulb: kalo di Indo ni sama dengan ‘obat nyamuk’..hehehe 🙂 ternyata mereka juga punya istilah semacam ini, contoh penggunaannya “you two go ahead lah I don’t want to be lightbulb.”
  • Mugging: Studying (Common expression amongst all students)
  • Got problem ah? : Do you have a problem

This singlish language is so unique and sometimes after a while u can get used into it as it is not so difficult to understand, especially if u are from malay or indonesia. The bad thing is, this language does not have good grammatical expression, as it often mix up with another language so grammar is not a very important factor in this Singlish.

The government of Singapore itself is really concern about the use of English in their society and they also have good movement towads better english.

It was launched by then Prime Minister Goh Chok Tong on 29 April 2000. The purpose was to ensure that Singaporeans can recognise the importance of speaking Standard English and also to encourage them to use it. the Speak Good English Movement aims to build a sense of pride that Singaporeans can speak good English, as opposed to Singlish, as well as to check the trend where Singaporeans use Singlish as a way of identifying themselves. Instead, it envisions a brand of grammatically correct English, different from Singlish, to be linked with the unique Singaporean identity.

Wow, i just wondering..kapan ya Indonesia bisa kayak gini..dan kita warga negaranya bisa pintar berbahasa inggris, hmmph..(*cuma bisa napas panjang dan berdoa mudah-mudahan saja).

lanjutin mugging dulu ah..(*hahaha)

see ya in the next post 🙂

How to Deal with Keep Changing Situation?

Imagine!! You are living in a very comfortable life, good life and expecting everything to be the same far for the future.

Suddenly, something you had not expected happened. The situation begin to turmoil and you don’t know what to do.

Well! Change Happens, they keep moving the ‘Cheese’

(Thats one of the very famous lessons from best selling books: “Who Moved My Cheese”)

I’ve just finished read those written books by Spencer Johnson. and personally i think this book is quite interesting.

This is not a very hard book to read, (compare with your class textbook, of course!) but for me, this book really worth it! It does not take long to complete all of the chapter. But the lessons is really inspiring.

Everybody has its own pursuing things in life, including us! We often develop strategy how to get our ‘Cheese’ or we can simply say ‘our destinations’ (it could be material things or simply living with peaceful life and family). Each person has its own favorite cheese, it could be camembert, brie, or  mozarella. Then we started to find our cheese.

This is what happened to the four main character in this book, two of them are mice name Sniff and Scurry, with their instinct and simple mind are trying to find their cheese, The other two characters are Hem and How (two little people with some smart yet complicated mind).

After a while, those four characters already find their own cheese. They got everything they need. Life is good indeed! The cheese is so abundant until the two little people think that it will remain forever during their live.

Until one day the cheese disappear! The two little people are not so ready to face the reality, and they keep asking why and stuck in their place trying to figure out where on earth their cheese is and who has moved their cheese?

On the other hand, the two mices with simple minds which also face the same situations, is simply taking a different step. They are started to moving on and try to find another cheese using their instinct. Sniff with its sniffing ability, and scurry which always hurry chasing every opportunity. 🙂

These two mices sometimes stuck in a blind alley or get bumped into death way in a maze, but they are keep trying and never stopping. Until someday, tehy find another Cheese station with a huge..huge amount of cheese and it even bigger than the cheese in the previous station, the big as they never imagine about it before.

Then what happen with the two little people?

Haw finally realized that she should initiate new steps to find another cheese. She cannot stay in the situation when there is no cheese. Then what about Hem? this little people is still continue to find out why the cheese is moving and he stuck in his unanswered question. He dont want to make a move. He is too comfortable with his situation now. He said to Haw,

“Jumping back to the maze? are you crazy? Do you know how much the risk is over there…the dark and blind alley, what if you go there and never came back again? You will never know what will going on outside there”

There are so many things to worry for Hem, until his fear occupy his mind and he never take a risk and jump to the maze.

In contrast, Haw decide to overcome her fear. She never let her fear occupy his forward movement. Now, she is ready to go to the ‘Maze’ again and dare to take risk, whatever could happen next inside the maze.

In summary, Haw find the new cheese station, similar with her two mices friends. It is not a simple journey afterall. But she enjoy her decisions and movement along the maze. Those brave steps can actually change her mind and perspectives.

What about Hem? the book does not mention what about Hem next? It depends on how he can deals with the situation and the option are there. It is just about he dare to take a risk or still staying in his comfort zone with ‘no cheese’ situation.

In Brief, this book tells us about the life which keeps changing and how we cope and thrive with the change itself! For me its simple yet motivating indeed!

Sometimes we need to take a risk, faulty is the lead to another success story!

Life Moves On and So Should We! 🙂

Whats Happened with Friendster?

Berawal dari iseng-iseng buka web yang mungkin udah bertahun-tahun ga pernah dibuka. yaitu

Saat membuka halaman web tersebut, saya sempat terkaget-kaget, karena ternyata saat ini web tersebut telah berubah total menjadi situs game yang terhubung dengan FB.

Hmm..padahal kalo ingat beberapa tahun yang lalu, friendster merupakan situs jejaring sosial yang sangat populer, sebelum ada facebook. Situs ini merupakan salah satu generasi awal pelopor jejaring sosial di internet.

Pertanyaannya, kok bisa yaa??

Jawabannya (*kalo menurut saya tentunya ^-^):

adalah kurangnya INOVASI!

Mengutip wikipedia, yang dimaksud dengan inovasi adalah:

The term innovation derives from the Latin word innovatus, which is the noun form of innovare “to renew or change,” 

FS kalah dengan FB karena FB selalu berusaha mengembangkan situsnya sesuai dengan keinginan dan kebutuhan para usernya, Selain jadi ajang eksis-eksisan 😛 FB juga memungkinkan penggunanya untuk berkomunikasi dan terus memantau perkembangan teman-teman mereka.

FS pada saat itu sebenarnya juga sudah berusaha membuat fitur semacam FB yaitu mengenai update status, namun karena FB menawarkan fitur yang lebih fleksibel dan menarik, maka banyak orang meninggalkan akun friendsternya demi beralih ke Facebook.

Saat ini bahkan lebih miris lagi nasib situs friendster. Sekitar tahun 2009, situs ini dijual kepada perusahaan Malaysia MOL dengan harga 40 juta dollar (dimana ini dibawah harga ekspektasi yang seharusnya). Kemudian pada tahun 2011, MOL mengumumkan bahwa perusahaan akan mendownload semua gambar di Friendster dan akan dihapus.

Saat ini nasib friendster hanyalah sebuah situs game online yang terhubung dengan facebook, jadi bisa dikatakan bahwa MOL pada akhirnya hanya sekedar membeli sebuah domain seharga 40 juta USD. Wow..segitu mahalnya hanya untuk sebuah domain, ckckck….

Dari sini kita bisa menyimpulkan bahwa Inovasi itu sangat penting,

Saya jadi teringat akan sebuah hadis yang menurut saya ini juga mengajarkan kita untuk selalu berinovasi dan membuat improvement setiap saat:


Semoga kita semua bisa menjadi continuous improvement personality ga’ cuma di teori kaizen aja (#apa seeh..)



October 18, 2011 6:23 PM

The Remembrance


Setiap saat, dalam setiap langkah kita adalah ibadah, yang harusnya semata-mata kita tujukan untukNYA. Namun, begitu banyak hijab yang menutupi mata hati kita dan membuat kita lalai mengingatNYA. Padahal semua yang terjadi pada diri kita yang kita lakukan dan kita temui setiap harinya adalah perbuatanNYA. Namun, karena sifat kita sebagai manusia yang lemah dan lalai ini, kita selalu merasa bahwa kitalah yang berkuasa.  Padahal kenyataannya, kita tidak ada kekuatan sama sekali, adanya kekuatan hanyalah karena anugerah dari NYA.

Oleh karena itu, sudah seharusnya kita tanamkan rasa cinta dan bersyukur kepada Rabb kita, yang menciptakan dan memelihara kita dengan nikmat yang tiada bandingnya ini, salah satu caranya adalah dengan berdzikir.

Dengan berdzikir, inshaAllah akan mendekatkan kita kepadaNYA serta menambah rasa cinta kita kepada Sang Pencipta. Berdzikir juga membantu kita menjadi lebih tenang dan menjernihkan hati kita.

Dzikir berarti cinta kepada Allah, tidak ada tingkatan yang lebih tinggi diatas kecintaan kepada Allah …, maka berdzikirlah kamu (dengan menyebut ) Allah, sebagaimana kamu ingat kepada orang tua kalian, atau bahkan lebih dari itu …. (QS 2:200)

“Katakanlah, jika bapak-bapak, anak-anak, saudara-saudara, istri-istri, kaum keluargamu, harta kekayaan yang kamu usahakan, perniagaaan yang kamu khawatiri kerugiannya, dan rumah-rumah tinggal yang kamu sukai, adalah lebih kamu cintai dari pada Allah dan Rasul-Nya dan (dari) berjihad di jalan-Nya, maka tunggulah sampai Allah mendatangkan keputusan-Nya. dan Allah  tidak memberi petunjuk kepada orang-orang fasik.” (QS 9:24 )

“Dan sebutlah (nama) Tuhanmu dalam hatimu (jiwamu) dengan merendahkan diri dan rasa takut, dan dengan tidak mengeraskan suara, di waktu pagi dan petang, dan janganlah kamu termasuk orang-orang yang lalai.” (QS 7:205)
Aku hadapkan wajahku kepada wajah yang menciptakan langit dan bumi, dengan lurus. Aku bukanlah orang yang berbuat syirik, sesungguhnya shalatku, ibadahku, hidupku, dan matiku kuserahkan (berserah diri) kepada Tuhan sekalian Alam ….