Different countries means different learning experiences

Dear my journal,
I would like to share with you some of my wondeful experiences in my life.
I have just come back from overseas and i have many stories to tell you.
Here is just one of them:

I was given n opportunity to join executive education program and from those i met many people around the world.
Most of them are from japan.
There are so many things i learnt from this program such as increasing my cultural awareness, cooperating with different personalities, time management and many more.

Its just a very short time program but it gaves me much knowledge even more than a year learning in my home countries.

The professor is very expert yet friendly and open for any ideas or suggestion. Hee to mention some of their names, one of them is actually my lecturer in my mba class, he is expertise in management and organizations subject. The other is Dr. Konno Phd researcher from Japan, Dr. Arnold Wasserman, Mr. Takaaki Oiwa, and one expertise in innovation in Singapore. Prof. Poh Kam

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