Free Twinings of London!


The Tea Package, nice!

Hello there!
Its been quite some time really since my last time writing a blog. and I just want to share with you that last week I went to UK education exhibition and got some free stuffs there including Twinings tea 🙂
Well, i would say that I am not a regular consumer of tea (especially high tea) but i do enjoy it rather than coffee (I know it sounds weird but whenever I go Starbucks, I always order tea).
This time i got a chance to proof my ability of recognizing the types of tea with my smelling senses. They put 4 jar of dried tea buds and 4 box of different Twinings tea (Jasmine green tea, white tea, earl grey tea and peppermint) then i have to guess which jar match with each of those boxes.
Peppermint is an easy one, but the rest is quite challenging. For Earl grey tea I can recognize it by the bargamot distinctive smells, but when it comes between Jasmine green tea and white tea I hardly distinguished them. I have never drink twining’s Jasmine green tea before,but we have our local’s jasmine tea here with a very strong Jasmine aroma, however in twining’s I almost didn’t recognized any jasmine fragrant there, maybe they use a different types of Jasmine so it becomes very subtle compare to the local varieties. Finally I got wrong between those two haha..though i didn’t win the planner book but at least they gave me a pack of 5 different twinning bags, each individual has different brewing method (can’t wait to try!). Here they are:

  • Classic earl grey (black tea)
  • Peach tea (black tea with peach sweet aroma)
  • Four red fruits tea (black tea with the juicy flavours of strawberry, raspberry, cherry and redcurrant)
  • Green tea and lemon
  • White tea

The tea bags inside with 5 different flavours

They also put some information about their products. Basically they sell five different groups of products:

  • Black tea (including earl grey, lady grey, darjeeling and english breakfast)
  • Flavoured black tea (a blend of black tea and scented fruits and plants such as blackcurrant, peach, and vanilla)
  • Green tea (including earl grey green tea and jasmine green tea)
  • Infusions (not a tea based drink but an infusions of fruits and herbs which is caffeine free such as chamomile, lemon & ginger, peppermint infusions)
  • White tea (as far as I know white tea is highest quality among other kind of tea because its carefully selected from unopened buds) 

I also just know that Twinings is a merchant company based in London which appointed by her majesty Queen Elizabeth II (as written in their packaging) and they don’t produce the tea by themselves (they import it), now I become curious where on earth they’ve got these all high quality tea (its quite possible that its produced in developing country-India or Nepal maybe) that must be cheaper because Twinings in my country is a very expensive one (#sad). Until I found out more about my favorite tea….that’s all from my blog today and Enjoy your tea! 😉