Wonosari Tea Plantation in Malang, East Java (Wisata Kebun Teh Malang)

I’ve just had an opportunity to visit one of the most popular tourism destinations in my town. Actually I’ve been planning to visit that place since long time ago when I was at senior high school, unfortunately all the plan remain as a plan until last week.

I’ve visited this place with my family in Malang, my lovely hometown. Malang is quite small town but it has nice view because it is located in a highland surrounded by mountainous slopes. The main occupation of people here is farming, we can find lots of fresh fruits and vegetable everywhere (one of my favorite, pick up fresh fruits from the trees and eat it directly is so yummy 🙂 –of course don’t forget to wash it first).

Malang is also famous with its tourism objects because it has breezy air, mild climate and beautiful natural scenery, the most popular places to visit are waterfalls, botanic garden, farm, hot spring, hills, mountains, forests, resort villas and park with integrated swimming pools (well, swimming pools is quite popular attraction for the locals).

The tourism place that I’ve visit last time was Wonosari Tea Plantation Malang. This area is located on the slopes of Arjuna Mountain, East Java Indonesia.ImageImage

Well, as a tourism object i must admit that the facilities and infrastructure to reach the area is still lacking and limited. The main road for example, it has lots of bumpy and hole everywhere which really inconvenient for people who ride a bike or bring their own car. The information guide to reach the area is also still limited; we have to ask here and there several times until we reach the exact location.

There are lots of things which need improvement in terms of tourism matters in Indonesia. My concern is there are lack of integration and cooperation between governmental office such as department of tourism board with department of transportation and infrastructure. I believe that Indonesia has huge potential to be improved, but now what i currently observed is the government only focus on marketing campaign and promotion (sadly, its only promote instead of giving useful and sufficient information about the objects and its also does not concern about improving the real condition of the tourism objects.

If compare it to the nearby countries they are more concerned on their tourism objects, they provide nice supporting facilities and preserved the objects very well. Their government invests lots of money to buy infrastructure and other supporting facilities, which make visitor able to reach the objects conveniently and easily. If we want to compare, actually the tourism object of the nearby countries are not as various as what we have here (we have great ancient cultures with all of the heritage, artifacts, museums, natural beautiful scenery, volcanic mountains, beautiful beaches, underwater park, various flora and faunas), but here in Indonesia we don’t preserve and maintain it well, almost all of the objects are ruined and dirty so many people prefer to go to our neighbor than us.

Some suggestions which I think can help are within these key areas:

  • Main infrastructure to reach the area are still limited
  • Direction and information are hard to get
  • Transportation (very difficult unless we have our own vehicle or rent tourism agent service) the area cannot be reached by public transportation
  • English speaking ability *sigh (this picture shows banner in that area which does not well translated and lead to wrong meaning)
  • Improvement of service and tourism facility, park design, facilities (integrated resort, tea house in the center of  the garden area with more variety of the menu and better quality), cleanliness, maintenance (last time I want to ride train to go around the tea plantation as one of the service offered in that area, but the train was break down, there are no apologize from the officer, how embarrassing, I found that the foreign tourists also seem disappointed with this facts, seems like they did not do any maintenance for the facilities there
  • More INNOVATION is needed. (the animal in the zoo are still few, less energetic and sick; the menu does not have variation; the train was old and rusty; the service was not pleasant; the tea product is still general and nothing much special about it; the supermarket is not convenient and not various things to sell-i think they can create unique souvenirs like potpourris, aromatherapy tea candle etc.)
  • Image
  • This is the picture of dirty pond inside the place, green because of the moss 😦
  • Image
  • The Map of the Wonosari Tea Plantation (quite potential & huge areas actually) but not giving much information for the tourist.
  • So sad to see the facts that we are so ungrateful of what we’ve had since most of the people don’t know and don’t want to preserve it L. The government also seems does not really care about it, they only do campaign yet lack of improving the condition. How ungrateful it is!

    I hope someday Indonesia can concern and care more about their huge potential tourism object in this country. This industry could be alternative for alleviate poverty and provide jobs for many people as well.

    Anyway, u can still enjoy Indonesia, apart from the inconveniences, yet some places like Bali and Lombok are well aware of this, and they are quite pleasant enough. There are also still lots of natural and “untouched reserved” area, which very magnificent for tourism purposes!

    Have a nice holiday!