The Novice Bakers: Steamed Cheese Cake

Woohoo..I’ve just made a steamed cheese cake with my mother. Why it should be steamed? Because as typical Asian culinary, all of foods, pastries, cakes and cookies (not sure whether there are cookies or not) almost every kind of “kueh” are steamed. Including this dessert. Well, definitely the texture of this cake are different with western cake. Asian or maybe South East Asian cakes are mostly sticky, sweet and creamy as it usually contains coconut milk. But this steamed cake does not contain any coconut ingredient, well, i can say its a fusion between western and eastern culinary :).

Anyway, just forget about my nonsense (i love talking much recently :P) i just want to share my cooking experience. Its very easy and also a favorite for cheese lovers! Yummy 😀


Here’s the recipe. I got this recipe from the internet blog. There are various recipes of it, but i found this one is pretty easy and the ingredients are quite easy to find especially in my hometown. Check it out! 😉

Ingredients A:

3 Eggs

Sugar 100 gram

SP or TBM half spoon

Ingredients B:

Wheat flour 60 gr

Maize. Corn flour 20 gr

Salt 1 tea spoonful

Milk Powder full cream 40 gr

Ingredients C:

Cream Cheese 250 gr

Ingredients D:

Butter 100 gr, steam until it melts.


Mix: Ingredients A until the color change into white using mixer

Add Ingredients B, mix well. No more mixer

Use mixer to mix ingredients C

Add to the batter and finally add the melted butter, mix well.

Steamed for about 20 minutes.

I just copy and translate it for my blog. ;P

FYI,I used the danish cream cheese (there are not so many choice in my hometown, i bought it in a local supermarket. The brand is “ala Biko” i want to use Kraft brand cream cheese, unfortunately it wasn’t available in that supermarket. And the cream cheese is pretty expensive 😥 but okay as long as it worth for the taste, I got my payback :D! For the butter I use “Elle Vire” french unsalted butter.

Some important things to notice, if you want to make kind of dough batter like this.Make sure that  all of the ingredients’  are on the room temperature. So if you got the ingredients from chiller, just leave it for a while until the temperature are same with the room temperature (please be noted that i live in the tropical country J). Also do not mix the dough batter too hard as it will make ur cake does not puff up well.